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Charting a Course for
Cloud Native Java

For many years, Java EE has been the platform of choice across industries for developing and running enterprise applications. Under the stewardship of the Eclipse Foundation, Java EE has found new relevance as the fully open source Jakarta EE platform. Leading Java software vendors, developers, and organizations have united in an unprecedented way to deliver the Jakarta EE 8 specifications and related TCKs. 

The Jakarta EE community will chart a new course for a cloud native Java future. This well-governed and vendor-neutral open source ecosystem will shape the way enterprise Java evolves in its cloud native form.

A Vibrant Community Committed to Success

Leading software vendors, developers, and enterprises in the Java ecosystem are strongly committed to the long-term success of cloud native Java and the Jakarta EE community.


It’s Time to Fulfill the Vision

It’s time for everyone who has a stake in enterprise Java to get involved in the Jakarta EE community. There are huge opportunities to influence and contribute to the first truly open source, cloud native Java specification for enterprises and to benefit from processes that serve everyone.


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